Dental Implants

Case #1
This patient had lost two teeth on her lower left side. The bone underneath the gums (the ridge) was not wide enough for implants immediately. Her plan involved widening the ridge by bone grafting, placing two implants and two crowns, all of which we were able to offer here at James Island Dental Associates. Now she can chew and function normally again.

Showing loss of ridge width.

After bone grafting and implant placement.

After delivery of two porcelain to metal crowns

After x-ray showing implants and crowns.

Case #2
This patient was unhappy with a lower denture that would not stay put. We suggested having them anchored in with implants. Typically two implants are adequate for significant denture stabilization. We converted her same denture into an overdenture that snaps onto two implants, which worked well for her.

The connectors that lock the denture into the attachments.

The attachments on the implants.

Upper and lower dentures.

The implants were placed as seen on x-ray.

Case #3
This patient wanted a very snug tight fit for his dentures, upper and lower. This usually involves placing 6 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw. Special retaining clips are placed on the inside of the new dentures to add very significant retention and stability. This picture shows the 10 implants and a bar connecting all of implants. The clips on the inside of the dentures snap onto this bar. Again all of these services are offered here at James Island Dental Associates.

Stone models of the upper bar screwed in place. The gold portion (upper right) fits into the upper denture with clips they grab the bar very snugly.

Inside of upper denture showing lightweight metal housing to lock dentures in to place.

Upper and lower dentures

Implants and Bars to retain upper and lower dentures.

Case #4
This patient desired to have the most natural dentition without having to remove dentures at night. She had lost her upper teeth, multiple implants were placed, and porcelain bridges were made. The bridges are screwed into the implants and are not removed.

Beautiful new smile utilizing implants and porcelain bridges!

Case #5
This 64 year old patient had decay underneath an old bridge resulting in loss of the bridge. The remaining three teeth were extracted and bone grafting was performed. After healing, three implants were placed and allowed to heal for three months. The implants were uncovered and impressions made for three porcelain fused to metal crowns. These were cemented and her bite was adjusted. Now she is back and functioning again! She was grateful that she was able to have all of this work performed here at James Island Dental Associates.

Failed Bridge

Placement of the implant.

Crowns Seated

Crowns Delivered.

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Very professional and courteous staff. Clean office, thorough work, and wonderful patient care. I feel very confident with the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Weir and would highly recommend his services. Top notch support staff.


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