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We design dentures to complement your features, your face shape, and your skin tone.

Like other types of dentistry, dentures have received a huge boost in comfort, fit, and quality from advancements in technology. Today’s dentures are designed specifically for you. They will fit the contours of your mouth and complement the size, shape, and structure of your face. We take great pride in offering modern dentures to Charleston patients, and our dentists, Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas, will work closely with you to ensure that your new dentures exceed your expectations.

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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

We have the latest dental technology to care for all of your dental needs in-house.


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Today’s dentures, optimized for fit and comfort, also have aesthetic appeal. Designed specifically for you, they look just like your natural teeth.

At James Island Dental Associates, our dentists work closely with you and the denture preparation lab to exceed your expectations. Our denture patients are always surprised by the comfort, fit, and natural look of their new dentures.

Types of dentures we offer include:

  • Complete Dentures – customized to fit your mouth, give you an entire mouth of removable but natural-looking teeth and gums.
  • Partial Dentures – much like complete dentures, partial dentures are removable. They fit the contours of your mouth and fill in the spaces where teeth are missing. Partials may fit by clasps around healthy teeth.
  • Implant-Retained Over Dentures – these also look very natural, but they have the added benefit of not slipping because they are held in place with dental implant posts.

Caring for Dentures

Caring for dentures requires cleaning and regular dental visits to assess teeth, gums, and for denture adjustments or relines.

Tips for maintaining your dentures at home include:

  • Cleaning in cool water only
  • Using only cleaners and supplies recommended for dentures
  • Seeing your dentist for realignments and assessments

If you’re considering dentures or replacement dentures, contact our Charleston, SC dental office today!

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