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A Family Dentist on Johns Island Addresses Fear and Anxiety Around Dental Visits

Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for many people due to fear and anxiety. However, neglecting dental checkups can lead to serious oral health issues in the future. Your family dentist on Johns Island at Johns Island Dental Associates considers it our responsibility to address these concerns and provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients. You can trust Dr. James Thomas III, Dr. Thomas Weir, and Dr. Sean Brown for understanding and compassionate oral care in Charleston. 

Dental Phobia is Real 

Fear of the dentist is a legitimate problem. People with this phobia feel anxious when thinking about visiting the dentist. Past negative experiences, family history, or feelings of losing control can lead to dentophobia. How common is this problem? 


  • About 36% of people in the U.S. fear dental treatment, with 12% having an extreme anxiety. 
  • About 3% of adults in industrialized countries may have dentophobia and avoid going to the dentist. 
  • Fear of dentists is more common in females than in males. Some studies suggest that nearly 3% of men and almost 5% of women have dentophobia.


Your family dentist on Johns Island always listens to every patient’s concerns and acknowledges their fears. It is crucial to understand that dental anxiety is real and can result from various factors, such as past traumatic experiences or fear of needles.


To help alleviate your anxiety, our dentists explain the procedures and tools that will be used during the appointment. This helps our patients feel more knowledgeable and prepared for what to expect. Moreover, we encourage patients to communicate any discomfort and suggest breaks if needed.

Your Family Dentist on Johns Island Works to Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Building a trusting relationship with patients is another critical aspect of addressing dental anxiety at Johns Island Dental Associates. Your family dentist on Johns Island takes the time to understand your needs and explain the reasoning behind recommended treatments. This helps our patients feel more involved and in control of their oral health.


Creating a welcoming environment in the dental office is also essential. Our office is clean, modern, and equipped with comfortable furniture and amenities like headphones and televisions. This helps our patients feel more at ease and relaxed during their appointment.

Sedation Dentistry and Dental Anxiety

Your family dentist on Johns Island maintains a judgment-free zone. We invite all our patients to discuss their treatment goals and dental fears with us. We never want patients to neglect their oral health because of anxiety or fear. Our Sedation Dentistry makes patients feel like they are dreaming, even if they are conscious.


Sedation dentistry involves techniques to help patients relax. It is a safe and effective way to calm anxious patients and make their dental experience more comfortable. There are different levels of sedation available, including: 

Nitrous Oxide

Often called “laughing gas,” this treatment allows you to remain conscious enough to answer questions, yet disconnecting you from any anxiety or emotional reaction. Instead, you feel dreamy and unaffected. This sedative is so mild that you can drive immediately after the dental procedure.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

If you need a little more assistance, we provide a pill that you take 30 minutes or more before the dental appointment. Oral sedation can make you feel completely relaxed. We recommend having a driver bring you home after the dental procedure.

IV Sedation

The highest level of sedation we provide at Johns Island Dental Associates is IV sedation. With IV sedation, you don’t even remember the appointment, and you do not feel any anxiety. This type of sedation also requires you to have a driver after dental work. 

Let Your Family Dentist in Johns Island Know If You Have Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a prevalent issue that many people face. Your family dentist in Johns Island is committed to addressing these fears and providing our patients with a safe and comfortable environment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and share with a team member your concerns. We are happy to help you overcome dental anxiety and maintain excellent oral health. 

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