Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Impact Your Oral Health

At James Island Dental Associates, we understand how dental anxiety can keep patients away from the dentist’s office. The good news is that we offer sedation dentistry for patients who need a little extra TLC.

Dr. Thomas Weir has been a dentist since 1988, and in 2003, Dr. James Thomas III joined him. Our dental office’s 32 years of patient experience has given us some insight into how to provide a gentle, calming, and welcoming environment.

We’re happy that you’ve taken the step to call us for a dental cleaning!

Our Dental Team Is Always Here to Listen

Our Charleston dental office is a judgment-free zone. We invite our patients to discuss their treatment goals and dental fears with us. We never want a patient to neglect their oral health because of anxiety or fear. Our sedation dentistry is designed to make patients feel like they are dreaming, even if they are conscious.

We also administer a local anesthetic so that patients never feel pain or discomfort along with any sedation. Our patient’s overall health and comfort is always our ultimate goal.

Nitrous Oxide

While dental fear is no laughing matter, this laughing gas allows patients to remain conscious enough to answer questions, yet it disconnects them from any anxiety or emotional reaction. Instead, they feel dreamy and unaffected. This sedative is so mild that patients can drive immediately after the dental procedure.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

For patients who need a little more assistance, we provide a pill that they take 30 minutes or more before the dental appointment. Oral sedation can make our patients feel completely relaxed. We recommend that they have a driver bring them home after the dental procedure.

IV Sedation

The highest level of sedation that we provide at James Island Dental Associates is IV sedation.  We start by numbing the area before starting an IV.

IV sedation is so effective that patients don’t even remember the appointment, and they do not feel any anxiety. This type of sedation also requires a driver after dental work. Our dentists will monitor your vital signs so you can feel completely safe during your treatment.

Don’t Let Dental Fear Hold You Back

We will work with you to keep you as happy as a clam, and just as safe!

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