You’ve no doubt heard about the wonders of professional teeth whitening from someone you know. A study shows that one-third of Americans are unhappy with their smile and many feel that a perfect smile has social and lifestyle benefits. For that reason, maybe you’re wondering if teeth whitening is a good choice for you.

There are many benefits to finding a cosmetic dentist in Charleston, SC and knowing what they are can help you decide if you should book an appointment. Here are a few of the most important. 

Professional Teeth Whitening is Anti-aging

One symptom of age is stained, yellow teeth. This can occur due to the foods you eat and the drinks you enjoy, as well as smoking and not taking good care of your smile. If you’ve searched “dentist near me” online, you know it’s time. Whitening those teeth restore them to their youthful glory and a fresh-looking smile can take years off your face. A bright white smile naturally makes you look younger and it’s much easier than some other facial cosmetic procedures.

The Treatment is Customizable

No two sets of teeth are the same so it makes sense to seek out a treatment that is customizable to your needs. When it comes to whitening your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can help you create the proper treatment plan for your needs. Or, if you prefer a home treatment, you can decide how much you want to do and when. Just be sure that if you decide to do it yourself, that you follow your dentist’s recommendations.

A Professional Treatment is Fast

Store shelves are full of home teeth whitening products, but if you’re looking for professional teeth whitening near me, you can expect much faster, and often, better, more effective results. Using whitening toothpaste or over the counter trays can give you whiter teeth, but it may not happen as fast as you’d like it to or give you the results you want. When you see a professional, you get those gleaming white teeth a lot faster and you won’t have to do as much of the work yourself.

Boosts Your Confidence and Self Esteem

If you have yellow or stained teeth, chances are you avoid smiling for fear that people will see them and judge you. Often, discolored teeth aren’t because you have poor oral hygiene but because you drink a lot of coffee or red wine or because you smoked in the past. No matter the reasons, removing those stains and any yellowness can boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. When that happens you naturally smile more and feel better about showing off your pearly whites.

It Improves Your Overall Oral Health

When you get the white teeth you want so badly, you’ll be more motivated to be sure they stay that way so you’ll probably practice better oral health care. Chances are you’ll be more conscious of your brushing and flossing habits and making sure you don’t forget to do either. Good oral health care is imperative for many aspects of your general health so it’s always a good idea to do what it takes to encourage you to take care of your smile.

It’s Safe and Easy

Unlike some cosmetic procedures, whitening your teeth isn’t scary. It’s an easy and painless procedure, especially when carried out by a professional. When you use over the counter products, you run the risk of using too much product, which can damage your teeth. Likewise, you may use them improperly which can put both your teeth and your gums at risk. Having it done professionally means you won’t have to worry about all that because your dentist will do the work for you, mitigating risks as they go.

You Could be More Successful

Some studies have found that having a whiter smile may make you more successful. That’s because if you’re perceived as someone who can afford cosmetic procedures, people may assume that you’re successful and financially well off. Whether this is true or not is beside the point. The point is that with a white healthy smile, you may give off an air of success and knowledge, which can move you ahead in your career and life in general.

The Results Last Longer

When compared to over the counter tooth whitening products, professional treatments do a better job of brightening your teeth and the results last much longer. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons people look for a cosmetic dentist near me. They want results that are fast and that last for a while. If that describes you, a professional whitening treatment is probably exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Professional Teeth Whitening is Easy to Maintain

One of the greatest things about a professional whitening job is that it’s pretty easy to maintain. You’ll see your cosmetic dentist for the treatment itself and then you’ll use at-home maintenance products to keep your brand new bright white results. By adding the at-home gels and trays, you can keep the staining and yellowing from coming back as quickly, prolonging the amount of time between your treatments.

You Get Expert Information

When you have a professional whiten your teeth, you get customized information from an expert, which ensures great results and completely safe treatment. Your cosmetic dentist will have a look at your smile and determine if any issues need to be addressed before the whitening and they can give you expert advice on getting the perfect set of teeth you want so badly.

Smile a Thousand Smiles

Professional teeth whitening is a great choice for many people who are unhappy with their smile. If you’re one of them, talk to a cosmetic dentist today so you can get started on looking happier, younger and more successful.

If you have more questions about teeth whitening, visit our FAQs section or if you’re ready to go ahead, call us for a consultation.

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