Periodontal disease has a number of symptoms. In its earliest stages, you might experience bad breath or bleeding when you brush and floss. As the disease progresses, however, bone loss is likely. This bone loss can lead to all kinds of problems, including loose and lost teeth. In fact, American adults lose more teeth to periodontal disease than any other dental problem.

Periodontal disease is a treatable disease, not a curable one. We recommend evaluations that include radiographs (x-rays) and charting over time to determine the extent of bone loss and decide which methods are best for treating the disease in each individual case.

Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Treatment can involve deep cleanings and/or periodontal laser therapy, both of which our office offers. We recommend you stay on a 3- to 4-month recall for periodontal maintenance so we can examine and stay on top of the disease.

If you have lost teeth and need to replace them, dental implants are a highly effective solution – especially because they help stop the process of bone loss! If you have already lost bone, however, it may not be possible to place an implant. This can be solved with bone grafting, and if you are a candidate, we will be sure to discuss all your options with you so you can make an informed decision about your health.