For most patients, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. Millions of people use teeth whitening treatments to brighten and improve their smiles. However, it is possible to experience side effects when undergoing a teeth whitening treatment. Most commonly, patients experience mild tooth sensitivity as a side effect of teeth whitening.

If you experience sensitivity in your teeth due to your teeth whitening treatment, our dentists will recommend that you take a short break from your treatments. Usually, the recommendation will simply be to take a day off between treatments. However, the specific advice our dentists offer will depend on your unique situation.

If you are concerned about having your teeth whitened, our dentists can evaluate your oral health beforehand to make sure your teeth are strong, healthy, and ready to be whitened.

If you suffer any side effects due to teeth whitening, please let our office know so we can work with you to make your teeth whitening experience comfortable. Since your professional teeth whitening treatments are customizable, we can alter or adjust your teeth whitening treatments for your comfort while still achieving fantastic results.

Teeth Whitening in Charleston, SC

At James Island Dental Associates, Dr. James H. Thomas III and Dr. L. Thomas Weir, are here to help you get a healthy, bright smile with teeth whitening treatments. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, reach out to us to discuss your options.