Each case can be different, but three options are available for you:

Dental Implant

The first is a dental implant, which acts as an anchor in the bone and a crown that attaches to the implant. The dental implant mimics a natural tooth by adding security and offering a permanent solution. The crown created to replace the tooth will be carefully crafted to blend in with your other teeth.

Dental Bridge

The second is a fixed bridge, which involves capping the two teeth adjacent to the space. The caps are joined to a pontic (the replacement tooth) and the whole unit is cemented onto the adjacent teeth. This option provides security and completes your smile, but doesn’t offer the same benefits as implants. When multiple teeth are missing, we can discuss using implants to hold a bridge in place, which allows us to avoid altering otherwise healthy teeth.

Partial Denture

The third option is a removable partial denture, which has the missing teeth attached to it and clasps that slide over your natural teeth to help it stay in place. This removable appliance will require extra care on your part and may need to occasionally be refitted; however, it’s an option that many people find easily affordable.