If you are a parent, you may be wondering why we place such an emphasis on pediatric dental care at our Charleston, SC practice. After all, since baby teeth fall out during childhood anyway, why does it matter if children visit the dentist regularly?

Importance of Primary Teeth

There are several reasons to protect your child’s “primary teeth.” When learned early in life, good dental habits can set you up for decades of success. It helps to teach children to properly brush and floss while they still have their baby teeth so that they are fully prepared when their permanent teeth arrive. Even more importantly, baby teeth serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth that will eventually grow in and take their place. It is crucial that baby teeth remain in the mouth until the permanent teeth are fully ready to erupt — losing baby teeth too early due to decay, cracking, etc. could cause problems to the development of the dentition.

It is also important to help keep your child’s tooth line along the gums healthy while they still have their primary teeth. Healthy gums typically mean a healthy mouth overall, and strong oral hygiene habits help reduce your child’s risk of developing gum disease.

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