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Wisdom Teeth (aka Third Molars)


Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth were once necessary for chewing tough foods. Today, they are more likely to cause discomfort and damage to existing healthy teeth.

At one time, wisdom teeth were needed to grind the tougher foods our ancestors used to eat. Today, however, we eat softer, more processed foods, and our jaws have adapted to our new diets. Unfortunately, this often means that wisdom teeth can do more harm than good, and it’s become practically a rite of passage to have wisdom teeth removed if they give any indication that they might cause trouble. If you need wisdom teeth removal in James Island or Charleston give us a call!

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Why do I need a dental extraction?2021-08-11T20:55:29+00:00

Tooth extractions are often a last resort but are sometimes necessary if you have a particularly problematic tooth, overcrowding on your jaw, or issues with wisdom teeth.

Significant Decay or Trauma

If tooth decay or damage has spread to your jawbone, gums, or surrounding teeth, in some situations, this tooth will have to be removed to preserve your oral and systemic health.


Sometimes your jaw is simply too small to accommodate all your teeth. Tooth extraction helps your remaining teeth align to fit your jaw. If overcrowding goes untreated, teeth begin to twist and shift, which leads to a crooked smile. If you plan to have orthodontic work done, your dentist may opt to extract some teeth in preparation for this work.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your mouth and don’t erupt during toddlerhood, but come in much later. Often, wisdom teeth can’t fully erupt through your gums because of your other teeth. This is called an impaction, and it can lead to infection and irritation. Dental professionals often remove wisdom teeth to help protect your other teeth and preserve your alignment.

If you feel you might need extractions in Charleston, SC, contact our dental office today.

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