Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas have prepared several informational and promotional videos. Using the links below, you can view each video at your discretion.

The doctors at James Island Dental Associates are among the leaders in the treatment of periodontal disease. We have made a brief video that describes this common disease and the most up-to-date methods that we use for its treatment.

Afraid of the dentist? We can help! This brief video describes the commonality of “Dentaphobia” and how we at James Island Dental Associates are professionals at easing this discomfort and offering only the best and safest dental care.

At James Island Dental Associates, we pride ourselves in offering many services, including dental implant care. This includes the planning of implants with 3-D imaging, digital placement and treatment planning, surgery, and restoration of the implant.

We also have other videos describing dental Implants, crowns that are made for you while you wait using our state of the art CEREC machine, periodontal disease, and laser surgery, and a video encouraging you to smile again.

We also have a video where Dr. Thomas describes the post-op process and how you can optimize your recovery from dental procedures.

At James Island Dental Associates, our staff and doctors care about you and your dental health.

If you would like to hear someone else’s opinion of the services we offer, watch the short video from one of our patients.

Dr. Weir created a comprehensive video that is packed full of excellent information, including extensive discussion of dental implants. We encourage you to watch it to learn more about who we are and what we do.