Unfortunately, millions of Americans are put off treatment every year because of fears that dentistry will hurt. This can create a cycle in which problems are allowed to develop and worsen, and by the time a fearful patient seeks help, the condition is quite painful and requires extensive treatment, which only serves to validate their fears.

At James Island Dental Associates, we are dedicated to breaking this cycle and helping everyone get the comfortable dentistry they deserve.

We treat a number of fearful patients and are very attentive and caring when it comes to making you comfortable.

Comfortable Dentistry in Charleston

After thoroughly evaluating your medical history, we can provide four options to help keep you comfortable during treatment:

  1. Local anesthesia (numbing)
  2. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) + numbing
  3. Oral sedation (taking a pill) + nitrous oxide + numbing
  4. IV sedation

Each treatment and service can involve different levels of anxiety, so we help you determine which modality is best suited for you.

In addition to these methods, you’ll find that our office is comfortable and filled with friendly people who make your comfort their number one priority while you are with us. You can enjoy your favorite TV program while we care for you or just kick back and relax.