As dental procedures go, root canals have a reputation for being one of the worst. Much of this reputation, however, has been unfairly earned. With rare exception, root canals are very standard procedures that feel similar to having a dental filling completed or a porcelain crown placed.

Relieve Pain with Root Canal

Many patients are worried that their root canal procedure will be painful, but there is usually nothing to fear. The reason for needing a root canal is typically because a patient is already in significant pain due to an infection deep within a tooth. Root canal treatment is given to attempt to save the tooth and alleviate the pain, not to cause additional pain! Every root canal that is performed at our Charleston, SC dental office is done to remove damaged tissues and pulp from the tooth, which will typically provide instant relief in the affected area.

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It is normal to feel uneasy about dental procedures such as root canals, particularly if you have never experienced them before. If you are scheduled for a root canal at James Island Dental Associates, we are available to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming procedure. Our caring Charleston dentists are available Monday through Friday of every week. Call us today at (843) 762-1234.